Projects Funded Under Sagarmala

Under Sagarmala, a total of Rs. 1,821 Cr has been sanctioned and Rs. 1,102 Cr has already been released for the development and implementation of 93 projects for a total project cost of Rs 5,528 Cr. The projects include various infrastructure projects, coastal berth projects, fishery harbors and skill development projects. These projects are being implemented by relevant Central Ministries, State Governments, Ports and other agencies. These include unique and innovative projects like Gogha-Dahej RO-Pax Ferry Services Project and RO-RO Services Project at Mandwa. In addition, TEFR is under preparation for development of underwater viewing gallery and restaurant at Beyt Dwarka Island and the consultant has been selected for preparing DPR for the National Maritime Heritage Centre proposed at Lothal.

Projects Funded Under Sagarmala
Sl.No Project Theme   No.of Projects Project Cost (Rs.Cr.) Funds Sanctioned (Rs.Cr.) Funds Released (Rs.Cr.)
1 Port Modernization Coastal Berth Scheme 39 1,569 637 351
    Port Master Plan 6 475 135 48
    Others 9 559 260 181
2 Port Connectivity Rail 4 148 47 42
    Road 6 428 144 115
3 Coastal Community Development Fisheries 16 1452 398 243
    Skill Development 13 897 199 122
  Total   93 5528 1820 1102